Goyal’s straight talk

August 31 2013

According to the BJP’s Parliamentary Board and Core Committee, it has been more or less decided that the party will not project Vijay Goyal as the party’s chief ministerial candidate from Delhi. Goyal too will remain just one of the dozen candidates chosen for the chief minister’s post. But according to the latest survey the party conducted in Delhi, the news is not so good for the chief minister’s post in the state. Harsh Vardhan is 3 per cent votes behind in Krishna Nagar, Aarti Mehra 6 per cent behind in Malviya Nagar seat, Harsharan 4 per cent behind in Balli seat, and Vijay Goyal 5 per cent behind in Model Town seat. So a few days ago when Goyal approached Gadkari with a complain about Harsh Vardhan saying that “Doctor sahib is going to lose again,” Gadkari immediately shot back with, “The report from your seat is even worse.”

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