Goel’s magic

April 22 2010

Vijay Goel has moved far ahead in the race for Delhi BJP president. With Gadkari’s blessings it seems he has left his nearest rivals Vijay Jolly and Vijender Gupta far behind. Gadkari is clear in his thinking that away from corruption and image, he needs a dynamic leader who could step out of the present political chaos and take the party forward. Gadkari gives the example of the BJP president of West Bengal and points out how there was so much opposition to his name. But he carried out a massive signature campaign in Bengal and proved the mettle of the party and the cadre there. And today even a bandh call by BJP evokes a strong response in Bengal. But Advani is still trying to promote the cause of Jolly and Mehra, and on the other hand Gadkari wants the crown on the head of Vijay Goel.

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