The home minister’s dwindling charts

December 27 2011

Home Minister P Chidambaram isn’t in an uncomfortable position for sure. The way there was so much ruckus in the Parliament on Friday and the Opposition was bent upon his resignation, one thing is clear – Chidambaram is now alone within the Congress itself. The issue of Delhi-based hotelier S P Gupta, who has come under the scanner for several scams, was also raised and he is said to be an old associate of Chidambaram. This man, who has made a stage in the name of Rajiv Gandhi, has been blamed of using letterheads of several Parliamentarians to further his own interests. It is said that this includes a fake letter by Sonia Gandhi as well. That is why 10, Janpath and its loyalists didn’t come forward to talk in favour of Chidambaram. It is also believed that Pranab Mukherjee is the cynosure of the eyes of 10, Janpath currently. That he doesn’t get along with Chidambaram is not unknown. At such a time, Sonia also wants to see another political calculation take its course. That, at a time when she knows that this hotelier may allegedly have links with the 2G scam, because Gupta and Raja got along really well.

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