Conversation points

July 03 2011

But the government doesn’t want to merely frame Baba Ramdev. They also want to keep a door open for him. The central government is well aware of the fact that for now the baba is the centre of public aspirations and to mess with him would be go against public emotions. So several others are coming forward as a means of solace. Sri Sri Ravishankar’s offer of mediating may not have weightage, but the real job is being done by Mukesh Ambani, who is doing his best to get the government out of the rough patch. For this he is taking the services of his family guru Murari Bapu. It is worth noting that Murari Bapu and baba share a good bond and the former may play a big role in convincing baba. For now the government is trying all it can for baba to break his fast and is ready to make new associations for the same.

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