The post at “gun point”

November 14 2010

If the complex wheeling-dealing is given the garb of straight talk, you can say that Sharad Pawar’s nephew seized the vice-chief minister’s post at “gun point”. Ajit Pawar had the support of at least 60 members from Rakanpa, and Pawar had nothing to do but agree to it. Is that the reason for Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel not being present for the Ajit Pawar’s oath-taking ceremony? Only Supriya Sule was present there as a part of formality. None of the posters, banners or kiosks bore Sharad Pawar’s name or picture. Only Ajit Pawar could be seen. NCP may well be on the way to a political Mahabharata yet again.

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