Gadkari vs Sangh

June 22 2010

Nitin Gadkari is fast becoming a big reason for the Sangh Parivar’s deep frowns. He may be summoned by the Sangh to Nagpur, right after the Bharatiya Janata Party’s National Convocation at Bihar gets over. It is understood that during an interview with an English daily, Gadkari had let it slip that since the party will no longer get votes on the temple and Hindutva strategy, it will have to expand its horizons towards development; if need be, it will also try to lure the minority communities in its fold. That’s because it is vital for the party to increase its votes by at least 10 per cent to make its dream of sitting at the Centre after the 2014 election come true. Sangh feels it is an aberration from the Parivar’s well-thought ideology and that Gadkari is playing into the hands of Advani, Anant and Arun. Further, that Gadkari now only sees and says what the so-called secular media wants him to see.

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