Gadkari’s human computers

November 27 2011

When the outspoken leader from UP BJP Ramakant Yadav met Party President Nitin Gadkari with a list of nine of his people, Gadkari directed him to his human computer Arun Narendranath. Press a button on Narendranath’s computer and the entire report of the chosen constituency can be seen through five terms. The demographic chart of the constituency, the caste breakup, the list of those who want to fight elections from the area, the list and details of the contestants, the maths of votes and so on. So when Narendranath tried telling Yadav ji that it will not be able to give such as such seat to the Yadav man because the Brahmins and Bhumihars have an upper hand, Yadav was pretty upset with it and went back ranting and raving. Ramakant Yadav has clearly told the party high command that elections in his area are not run by computers, but by something that is called a “danda” (stick).

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