Gadkari’s election mantra

November 13 2011

Whatever statements Gadkari gives have deep sources. Otherwise what is the reason for the Sangh to quietly tell Advani that he should now bid adieu to electoral politics and only guide the party. So there are clear instructions to Advani from the Sangh that he should not consider contesting the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. A few days later, there is a statement from the party president that only those people who win in the Lok Sabha elections will be eligible for the prime minister’s post. And with that there comes Gadkari’s desire to contest the elections himself, takes a big entourage of media people to Nagpur on the party’s expenses and displays his political ambitions to the people there. Are the Sangh and Gadkari aiming at the two prominent party people who don’t contest Lok Sabha elections – Arun Jaitley and Narenda Modi? But winning Lok Sabha elections is no big deal for these two leaders – in electoral politics, these people complement each other.

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