Disrespectfully yours

October 20 2009

Pradip Singh Gangai is the most backward parliamentarian from a backward constituency of Bihar. The population of Araria parliamentary constituency now knows its strongman MP by a new name and that is Pradip Singh `Nangai’. So what was so shameful that people gave him this new nickname. Some days ago the MP along with his supporters reached a puja programme organised in Sultan Pokhar area of Forbesganj and demanded that he and his supporters be allowed to take the women’s line for having darshan of Ma Durga. At this the organisers came running and urged the MP to take the gate meant for men. At this, drowned in power, the MP got agitated and his supporters began creating a ruckus. The organisers also were in no mood to relent and decided not to allow the MP or his men entry through the gate meant for the women. An angry Gangai went away without having darshan of the Devi; perhaps his pride came in the way of his paying obeisance to God. Gangai is an MP of BJP, a party which is said to hold unflinching faith in Hindu religion and culture. But it seems that this saffron parliamentarian is more committed to Shahnawaz Husain than to his party because in Delhi’s political circles he is known as a favourite disciple of Shahnawaz Husain. Will mother Durga pardon such ignorant followers of hers?

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