Game for cricket

April 26 2010

All the fracas is over the Kochi franchisee. Sharad Pawar is trying his best that this team be snatched from the present franchisee and handed over to Videocon, while Narendra Modi is trying for Gautam
Adani. None of those people who were present during the Kochi bid know Sunanda Pushkar. But when they came to know of the present of Tharoor’s OSD Jacob there, they found the Tharoor connection in a
hurry. It is learnt that when Tharoor found the role of his people a little weak in this matter, he went straight to Rahul Gandhi and he told Rahul that Narendra Modi wants to get this bid for Adani so that
this team may go to Ahmedabad. Afflicted by Modi mania, Rahul then called up a top boss of IPL and asked him to help Tharoor. Rahul’s efforts bore fruit and this deal went to Rendezvous. But the big catch
in this is that there is no cricket ground in Kochi so Tharoor met Arun Jaitley in New Delhi and told him that his franchisee will make a cricket stadium in Kochi in three years. So he should help him take
this to Abu Dhabi. Jaitley said this is Indian Premier League, so it cannot be taken out of the country. Even otherwise there is a lot of betting that takes place in Abu Dhabi. So the matter got stuck here.

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