The game of cricket

June 18 2013

The politics of cricket is hot in India at present. After Srinivasan trouble, Pawar opposers raised their voices about bringing Dalmia back to power. The BCCI president is to be chosen in an election that is due to be held in September and it is the south zone’s term. So it is possible that the current president himself may get an extension for a year. The east zone term is due in September 2014. Arun Jaitley is from the north zone but according to the BCCI guidelines, the east zone can put forward a name for the president from the north zone as well. The president of Jharkhand Cricket Association and former IPS officer Amitabh Choudhury is close to BJP leader Arun Jaitley and he is already forwarding Jaitley’s name for the president. Amitabh Choudhury also wants to contest the elections from the Ranchi constituency and for this he will need Jaitley’s help. That means it is a case of a mutual symbiosis.

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