Real woman fighter

March 16 2010

There is a lot of chaos within the Congress over the Women’s Reservation Bill. This Bill may have been passed in the Rajya Sabha, but several senior Congress leaders are also worried because of this
Bill’s shape and consequences. Prime Minister and several senior ministers like Pranab Mukherjee and P. Chidambaram can be counted among the opponents of this Bill but because of the fear of the
Congress queen their lips are sealed. So, the Congress MPs had been invited with their spouses to the dinner that was hosted by Sonia Gandhi at her residence to celebrate the passing of the Bill in Rajya
Sabha. The women politicians too were invited along with their husbands and whichever MP was going to Sonia to congratulate her on this Bill being passed in the Upper House, Sonia was asking them “if
their congratulation was without any fear or favour?’’ Truly, the Italian queen did fight valiantly.

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