Excess is bad

March 07 2010

Now that we are talking about Anil Ambani, so there was another incident and Tony Yesudasan and his sycophants may please excuse us. It pertains to Dubai where Thakur Amar Singh had gone to celebrate his birthday. He had taken younger brother Anil Ambani along. Everyone
knows how much the younger Ambani is concerned about his health. The more the stress he experiences, the more the time he spends in the gym or on his walks. So when the hale and hearty Anil simply collapsed and fell in Amar’s party, a team of doctors was immediately summoned. The doctors found the blood sugar level of the younger Ambani to be quite high. So he was immediately treated upon and the doctors also advised him that he should restrain from excessive exercise. What all should poor Anil restrain from?

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