Confidential report and Maya

May 08 2011

Reports by the secret department of the state have made Mayawati worry. About four months ago, the state’s secret department conducted a state survey. Sources reveal that according to the survey, Maya’s BSP is slated to get 164 seats, and until then Mayawati wanted to have the state elections conducted by October-November of 2011. She wanted to dissolve the Vidhan Sabha. She asked her secret service officials to wait for a couple of months and carry out a similar survey again. That survey reduced her seats by 18. Now Chief Minister Mayawati has decided to conduct the state elections at its assigned time, and consider May-June of the next year to be the right time. At that time, when the sun scorches UP, the BSP cadre will come out to vote, but how will the babus come out to vote in the scorching sun? The real worry Maya has is about the increasing popularity graph of the SP. And the seeds of friendship that are germinating between the SP and the Congress is also considered nothing short of dangerous by her.

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