October 05 2009

After attack being made on Shatabdi where Rahul Gandhi was travelling to prove the point of austerity, many controversies have been raised so far. First, opposition terms it as mere tokenism and not a serious approach towards austerity. Second, it raised the question of austerity v/s security of VIPs like Rahul Gandhi. Third, stone throwing at Shatabdi on that particular route is a normal matter. And due to Rahul Gandhi, the news came into the limelight. But the latest one of the series is which many are guessing, it is the handiwork of investigating agency IB. politicians may do a lot of things for the sake of politics but it is the headache of investigating and security agency to maintain order in everything. New gossip in power centre is that it has been done by security personnel so that Rahul Gandhi never travels in train in future which may invite a serious terrorist attack.

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