Eat like Gadkari does

January 03 2010

When the newly nominated BJP president Nitin Gadkari paid a courtesy
call to Sushma Swaraj at her 8 Safdarjang official residence, he was
greeted with much fanfare. Sushma herself performed `arti’ on the
Gadkari couple, applied vermilion `tilak’ on their foreheads,
presented them with a shawl and took them inside the house. Sushma
knew that since Gadkari is a diabetic patient so he would avoid
sweets, so there was a range of salty dishes. Everyone knows that
Gadkari is fond of eating and drinking. When a journalist asked him
about this habit of his, Gadkar explained in his own inimitable style
– `In BJP’s constitution, there is a restriction on taking bribes, not
on having good food.. ` and he immediately went back to food,
something he really loves.

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