Mirch masala is a trove of news

May 08 2011

Rebel poet Muktibodh says, “Jo hai us sey behtar chahiye, duniya ko saaf karney ke liye mehtar chahiye”. We, too, don’t think words are marketable, and think thoughts are efficient weapons. For more than a decade, Mirch Masala has, taken it upon itself to explore political sounds, to text it and then to convey the meaning of the same. It is a gossip column only in name, but we can guage the breaking of news. Only last week, through “Of CD and ED” did we give an example of the same. Exactly two days later on Tuesday, Economic Times made a bigger news of it and printed it on page one. By Friday, through this news, the Supreme Court gave the notice to the head of Sahara Shri and channel head Upendra Rai.

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