Khai ke paan banaras wala

December 26 2012

Since December 20, when the Gujarat election results were out, the party and the Sangh are still trying to figure out what should be done and how Modi should be treated. Because Modi’s keenness to join national politics can be seen from the fact that Modi’s victory speech after the results was in Hindi and not in Gujarati. He wanted his words to reach in all parts of India. If Modi does enter the national political arena, he has made an autocorrect mechanism to run Gujarat, where his team includes extremely reliable people such as some senior bureaucrats, Anandi Ben Patel and Saurabh Patel. Some voices in the party are also wondering if Modi should be launched as the new Hindu leader in the next Lok Sabha elections and made to contest from seats such as Lucknow or Varanasi, so that at least half of the UP seats go to the BJP. This will also have an impact on Bihar. But if this happens, what will be the outcome for the junior Modis in the BJP, such as Adityanath and Varun Gandhi?

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