The crash of possibilities

May 08 2011

In the Arunachal Pradesh helicopter crash, while India has lost a ruler who had much to offer, the Congress has lost its future. Investigations are on about the reasons for the crash, but the first-look reports suggest that it happened due to a breakdown of navigation systems. The centre is seriously wondering if the entire flying system in the north-east should be given to the home ministry. There is a thumb rule for helicopters, which says that they should always fly below the clouds, but what if the clouds are hanging on the mountains? In such a case, the pilot tries to fly the machine above the clouds. It could be a human error and there may have been a mistake gauging the height. A foremost truth that has come to the fore is that several hills in the north east have very strong magnetic fields, like Halflang’s Jatinga. If even a bird flies over it in a particular area, it falls down to the ground. The crash of the Dorje Khandu and the single-engine helicopter is being explored with the same possibility.

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