Why is Bose angry?

August 21 2011

Totu Bose is a big businessman in Kolkata and is among those considered to be close to Mamata didi. It was Mamata who got him into the Rajya Sabha. This time, she has obliged Totu’s son, who will become a Rajya Sabha member on the 20th. During the last Parliament session, Totu approached the speaker and said that since his son was twice his size, a bigger seat should be allotted to him. A surprised speaker had to tell Totu that all the seats in the house were of the same house, and even if we wants, he can’t allot two seats to his son. The middle path was arrived at by Parliamentary State Minister Rajiv Shukla who assured the father that the nearby seat will be allotted to a slim minister. Only then did it look like the matter was solved.

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