Why is the Yuvraj upset?

December 04 2011

Rahul Gandhi is not becoming strict with the Parliamentarians and minister of Uttar Pradesh. He has let his displeasure known to the party members, too. Rahul’s actual worry is that the leaders of the state get into action only when he visits the state, the entire team of Parliamentarians and ministers follows him, but the minute the Yuvraj comes back to Delhi, they too settle down in the capital. So now he has set a district duty for all of them. Rahul is in his own zone and the Assembly elections in the state are like a litmus test for him and is leaving no stone unturned. Rahul’s anger is somewhere placed on the Central government and its head, too. Rahul feels that at a time when the UP elections are round the corner, how can the Central government kick up the dust on issues that look anti-public on face value? So he is a little cut up with the Central government and Manmohan Singh as well.

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