Why Mamta won’t agree

October 11 2011

Mamta didi just won’t stop being upset with the Congress, especially with Pranab da, with whom she once had a good relationship, but it seems to have gone sour now. Mamta is angry with the Central government about why her party has been handed the income tax notice. Why is the ED asking for information relating to the party’s income? Mamta had already clarified to Pranab that this time her party had won the elections in West Bengal on the basis of ma, mati and manush. In such a scenario, is the Central government trying to mar Trinamul Congress’ image with an income tax baton? Mamta is especially miffed with Pranab that she has got an income tax notice when Pranab is the finance minister. That is “Lut ta raha chaman bag baan, kaise maan loon tera ishara na tha.” Maybe that is the reason why nowadays, the Central government is getting all of Mamta’s messages through Jairam Ramesh.

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