What is Hindu terrorism?

July 21 2010

CBI suspects the play of Hindu terrorists in no less than 7 bomb explosions after 2006. This movement maybe in its early phases, but the CBI is not taking it any lightly. It feels the Hindu terrorists had a hand in the explosions in the Samjhauta Express on February 18, 2007; the Malegaon explosions on September 28, 2008; Thane Cinema explosion on June 4, 2008; Goa bomb explosions on October 16, 2009; the August bomb explosions at Kanpur and Nander, and the bomb explosion at Ajmer Sharif on October 11, 2007. But before this, the CBI will have to answer several questions that have remains unanswered so far. For instance, what role did some officers from the intelligence agency IB and the Military Intelligence have in the blasts? Where did they get their instructions from? The questions are there and the answers need to be given on an express notice.

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