Money Almighty?

December 17 2010

Money, indeed is God. The country’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has shifted into his 27-floor apartment Antilia, with his wife and three children. A big party was supposed to take place on November 28, and was to be attended by the who’s-who of leaders, business people and prominent personalities. Invitations had been sent, too, but the entire thing fizzled out with the 2G scam. Mukesh gave the excuse that two of his children who are studying abroad didn’t get a leave. On November 25, he organized a small party in his new palace and invited the most special people with an excuse that the party was organized in honour of NRI sculptor Anish Kapoor, who now lives in London. The cronies were in a battle of outdoing each other when praising the building. One even called it better than the Taj Mahal! The first month’s electricity bill of the building was Rs 70 lakh (6,37,240 units were consumed) but the government gave a discount of 48,354 units. The reason cited was the payment was made in time. If you want to survive in the country where the common man is suffering from lack of power and water, you need to be an Ambani. But there are people who are criticizing Ambani in strong words on the Internet saying that this land that belonged to the Wakf board was supposed to have an orphanage.

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