Will Kanhimozhi be arrested?

May 01 2011

The million dollar question is if Kanhimozhi will be arrested. The present circumstances betray by nodding in consent, and the imprisoned Raja in Tihar is probably waiting for his rani, too. But people are mistaken in thinking that Kani is Dayalu Amma’s daughter. Actually, the same question had been asked of Karunanidhi several years ago in the Vidhan Sabha as to who Rajthi Amma was. The bespectacled gentleman had unhesitatingly said, “Rajthi is Kanhimozhi’s mother and Kani is my daughter.” So now it is not secret that Karunanidhi has three wives, the eldest is dead, the second is the mother of Azhagiri, Stalin, and the daughter, and the third’s daughter is Kanhimozhi. No wonder Kani is so dear to Karunanidhi.

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