Will Kochi be the next Ahemdabad?

February 27 2011

World Cup, the mahakumbh of cricket has started and it is natural for the countrymen to flow with the wave. Once this one-day gala is done, following close on heels is the T-20 with IPL 4. The controversy here is that the IPL is being dogged by the Kochi franchisee. But the Kerala stamp in the team is just in name since only one Malyali Venu Nair has invested his money in it, and that too for just one per cent; the rest belongs to the diamond merchants from Gujarat. Now the Kochi franchisee has written to the BCCI asking the body to transfer it to Ahmedabad franchisee. The reason cited in the letter is as interesting as the franchisees. They argue that the Kerala government has not given them land for a stadium as yet, the tax in the state is too much and so on. BCCI is taken aback by this proposal.

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