What can NIA do?

September 18 2011

The government is upset with the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA’s) performance regarding the Delhi bomb blast. It is unhappy that the aim with which the NIA was formed has not been met by the agency. It has not been able to solve even one case until now. But what can the NIA do; the government hasn’t given it any law protection. Its duties include investigating terrorism, prevent it, and prosecute those found guilty. But the question is that when the agency doesn’t have its own intelligence set up how can it collect any information? That is the reason it hasn’t been able to see any case to its natural solving since the 26/11 attack. The NIA neither has its own active intelligence, nor does it get any assistance from other government investigative agencies at the right time. The right thing to do would have been to recruit the best IPS officers of India in the agency and they should have been selected from different states. But what is really happening? Only such officials are being appointed in the agency who have made state CMs unhappy and it is like a kalapani posting. Most officers in the agency are those that have never served a terror-infested area during their service. Also, they have neither got any professional training nor legal. They have no machine for intelligence gathering, no team of super cops, and neither a head command like Gill or Riberio. So how can you blame the NIA alone?

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