Why was Kausar Bi killed?

August 01 2010

DIG A J Banjara didn’t want to kill Kausar Bi but Inspector S K Amin and the two others inspectors were of the view that if she stays alive, she might spill the beans. Thus, they wanted Kausar Bi be handed over to them. Banjara had said, “If she speaks out, let her. She’s not a wedded wife of Sohrabuddin and her “iddat”’s duration isn’t over yet either. She can very well return to her husband and four kids in Pakistan. Worse come to worse she might ask for some money. If she does, we will see what needs to be done. Let her go.” But when Chaubey and Chauhan wouldn’t listen. Banjara washed his hands off the affair. According to Gita Jauhri’s report, Chaubey and Chauhan first raped Kausar Bi and then and Amin (who is also an MBBS doctor and a surgeon) gave her an overdose of Calmpose injection and she slept forever. The body was then taken to Killol, doused with diesel and set fire to. The ashes were then thrown in the river. The question is: What did Kausar Bi do to deserve a fate like this?

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