Who is this minister’s son?

August 16 2011

What happened in the last week of July at the library of the Gymkhana Club in Chennai was quickly hushed up in a hurry. And it has to happen since it involved the son of one of the strongest ministers at the Centre. If the father is Yashasvi, the son’s tejasvi. So when he was found with a Page 3 woman in an objectionable position in the library, the police was summoned. But the police couldn’t dare to register a case against the man. The matter was hushed up saying that both of them were adults and since they are free to do what they want to, a case can’t be registered against them. Even if it happens in a public place? The son owns as much as Rs 5,000 crore and has invested his money in several media groups all over the world and so the newsmakers also chose not to make a news of it.

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