Who is this Central minister?

April 11 2012

The Central minister who played up the matter of two army companies moving closer to Delhi and presented it in a big way has been identified. He is not only a prominent member in the Manmohan Singh government, but is also a big contender for the prime minister’s post from the Congress. Ten Janpath is also merciful towards him. Who after Manmohan Singh? This question constantly keeps him in competition and comparison with A K Anthony. So, this time in order to ride ahead of Anthony’s reputation, this Mr Minister fanned the news fire. He had planned that the minute the matter becomes big news, the Opposition will ask for Anthony’s resignation and the defence minister will get a lot of bad press everywhere and will also fall in the eyes of 10, Janpath. He will emerge as a weak and incapable minister. At a time when there is a war of sorts going on between the Army Chief and the government, the suspicious eyes will zero-in on the Army Chief and this Central Minister thought long and hard about it before assisting the national media about the news.

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