Who wants elections in November?

April 25 2013

A big section of Congress members wants mid-term elections to be held in November. Those of the opinion even met the prime minister before his trip to Germany. They tried to tell him that based on the public surveys being conducted, the Congress can form a government in Karnataka on its own, and the BJP in the state won’t even manage 50 seats, thanks to Mr B S Yeddyurappa. Also, of the states where elections are to be held such as in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi, the Congress may stand to gain in Rajasthan, Shivraj may have the powers in Madhya Pradesh and it won’t be easy to Sheila Dixit to win the elections for the fourth time. Which means the results in these states may have an impact on elections at the Centre. Thus, these Congressmen are of the view that after the monsoon session, the Parliament be suspended and mid-term elections be held in November. But it seems 10, Janpath and Rahul Gandhi are not comfortable with the idea.

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