The seths of Coalgate

September 04 2012

To Congress ministers are directly under the scanner in Coalgate. Five Parliamentarians and their relatives are also under direct beneficiaries of the scam. To top it all, two big media companies are also tangled in the web, of which one is spread in Andhra Pradesh, while the other has an edge in Maharashtra. Sources close to the Congress reveal that when Dasari Narayan Rao and Subbarami Reddy were ministers, several complaints against them would reach Sonia Gandhi. Back then the Congress had decided that any businessman with a slip from the Congress would have an edge over others for coal block allocation. Maybe that is why Chattisgarh’s BJP Chief Minister Raman Singh is repeatedly saying that he allocated coal blocks only because of a letter from Motilal Vohra. Even the CBI is claiming without saying as much that cases against no less than 55 companies can be made prima facie.

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