Black coal, darker stains

August 25 2013

The worry lines on CBI’s forehead continue to increase regarding the missing Coalgate files. On August 27, the CBI will present itself before the court for the first time since the files went missing. Sources reveal that CBI Director Ranjeet Sinha may say before the court that he has not got the files he had asked for from the PMO and the coal ministry. The 793 files the CBI had got from the ministry and the PMO are the ones that are from before coal blocks were allocated. But the files after the allocation were done have gone missing and the CBI is getting the same standard answer, “The search for missing files is on; a committee has been formed for the same.” Sending the sensitivity of the situation, the court may ask the CBI to register another FIR because the court will want those files anyhow, because the charges can’t be made only based on the CAG report. It is believed that the court is also angry that these file-missing incidents may become a regular feature and tomorrow, even the files from the “defence deal” may go missing.

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