How to save the Karnataka government?

October 19 2010

The BJP high command is doing all it can to save the Yedurappa government in Karnataka, which seems to be breathing its last in the state. In a lat ditch effort, party President Nitin Gadkari has given the responsibility of saving the government to mining moguls Reddy brothers. This is akin to using a thorn to pull out another. Gadkari also gave a piece of his mind to Yedurappa for having made changes in the ministry. It is worth mentioning that the problems took a turn for the worse only after that. The egg was now on Yedurappa’s face, who had done all he could to pull down the Reddy brothers. And now to save the government, Yedurappa had to eat his words. To oversee the government’s problems, Gadkari is constantly on hotline with Janardan Reddy, who in turn is constantly in touch with those who are dissatisfied, and is shuttling between Goa and Chennai. Yedurappa, on the other hand, is visiting all shrines to appease the gods.

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