A question on Kejriwal

September 26 2011

With a dirty packet tucked under his arm he walked quietly, but it wasn’t easy to escape the eyes of others, and so he was made to run and was hunted down. His integrity lay splattered in blood, the same integrity he has tucked under his arm. The Congressmen are cursing the day when Arvind Kejriwal had come to their doorstep with a simple demand. The then Central minister Prithviraj Chavan refused to give the assignment to Kejriwal’s NGO. Kejriwal had approached Chavan with a request to start the RTI through a phone and online. But Chavan turned down the proposal. Nitish, on the other hand, invited Kejriwal for the project and offered it to him. It is doing great in Bihar today, and more than that, it is Nitish’s ambitions that have got a further boost because he knows he has the support of Team Anna.

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