Centre’s love for America

June 22 2010

There are loopholes even where compensation to the aggrieved is concerned. A five-judge bench of Supreme Court had reached at a compensation amount of $490 billion, which the Union Carbide Company was to give to the Indian government. This dates back to 1989, when Justice R S Pathak (now Late) was the chief justice in the Apex Court. Surprisingly, the same Justice Pathak became a judge at the International Court of Justice, thanks to a warmed up America. Today, the law firm Anand Pathak and Company, run by Justice R S Pathak’s son is among the top law firms of the country. If CRPC’s Section 357 (3) decided that the compensation package is inadequate, it can be looked at once again. However, it doesn’t really seem like the Manmohan Singh government is too keen to follow this, since it is too busy trying to pass the American Nuclear Liability Bill in India.

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