What awaited Kripa Shankar?

March 06 2012

The former party president of Mumbai Congress is going to find the law’s noose tightening. Kripa Shankar was a victim of that political formula of the Congress where they party gets its own person or an NGO collect all evidence against those who are against the party or to control it satraps, and then goes to the court against the person based on a public interest litigation (PIL). Later, such cases are handed over to the CBI for investigation. Just like it happened in the case of late Rajshekhar Reddy’s son Jagmohan Reddy’s case. It is believed that a camp of Maharashtra Congress initiated a north Indian Deepak Tiwari to lodge a PIL against Kripa Shankar at the Mumbai High Court. In this matter, the clever thing that the Mumbai camp did was that it did not ask a Marathi person to register a PIL about how a man selling bananas have disproportionate assets more than Rs 400 crore? In such a scenario, this would have become a case of the Marathi manoos vs a north Indian and Kripa Shankar would have come across as a hero. Sources reveal that after Kripa Shankar this PIL ace may be directed at Sharad Pawar, too, who was badly defeated at the municipality elections in Mumbai.

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