Price for loyalty and betrayal

February 07 2010

Amar Singh had then gone for campaigning to the Firozabad by-election. When after completing the campaign he boarded a helicopter for Delhi, it is said that SP’s former regional general secretary Ram Asre Kushwaha passed an uncharitable remark that `if this helicopter would crash then SP would be saved from plunging into a crisis.’ Someone apprised Amar about these inner thoughts of Kushwaha and then Amar wasted no time in raising a furore. A panchayat was hastily convened in Mulayam’s court and netaji (Mulayam) took Kushwaha’s resignation from the post of party general secretary. But later somehow Ram Gopal Yadav managed to prevail upon Mulayam and not only saved Kushwaha from being shown the door but also got him back his post of general secretary. Now that Amar has been uprooted from the party, Mulayam has promoted Kushwaha to the post to national general secretary of the party in place of Sanjay Dutt. So through Kushwaha, netaji wants to send a different kind of message to Amar.

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