Who’s Kumaraswami’s boss?

October 19 2010

When the top man of a government is being named in corruption charges, its minister and members can be easily sold and bought. So why this noise if it is suspected that the Raj Bhavan may have a hand in the conspiracy to topple the government? Congress have given the entire responsibility of toppling the government of Kumaraswamy, son of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda. The party has also clarified to Kumaraswamy that if the Yedurappa government falls, the chief minister will be from the Congress, who will be supported by the JD(S). Kumaraswamy may not be getting the CM’s post in this, but is getting everything else – just like the Deve Gowda family wanted it. The names of S M Krishna and Veerappa Moily are being suggested as the next chief minister. The best part of this is that Kumaraswamy has the blessings of a top BJP leader for this entire part – the leader’s only aim is to make money.

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