Base and basic instinct

February 19 2010

The instances pertaining to the flirting nature of this incumbent minister of the UPA Government are even known to the top bosses but they are unable to do anything. And Mr. Minister’s love affair is also going out of hand like his lofty ambitions. When an Indian model, with whom the Minister shares a close relationship, began doing modelling
assignments in Paris, the Minister could not control himself and began frequenting Paris. He was seen swaying to the music of the late night parties and cozying up with the model in Paris. This Minister frequents a five-star hotel in Delhi and he enters his room there from
the rear door. It is understood that a Sikh contractor who used to make all these arrangements for the Minister has got a CD made of his private moments and he is going to various news channels with this CD. But seeing the Minister’s stature, no media group is being able to muster the courage to reveal the truth.

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