Kalia, Gabbar and something amiss

February 02 2011

What happened in Guwahati’s Dyansty Hotel a few days ago is enough to tarnish the BJP’s image, character and philosophy. A fixer of sorts, believed to be close to two prominent BJO leaders was staying there with his entourage. It is said that his aim was to bribe local parties in Assam and have them support the BJP. The gentleman has already done something similar in Jharkhand and Karnataka. He hosted a party for a BJP leader in the hotel and needless to say, alcohol flowed free and having women around was missed. So what next? Several sex workers were brought to the hotel and the fixer went overboard with one of the girls, so much so that she threatened to go to the media. When the Congress found out about this, they got the girl agree to a press conference. The BJP saw the situation going out of control and the party managers got into action and stuffed the girl’s mouth with money. Otherwise there could have been trouble for Kalia and would’ve died at the hands of Gabbar!

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