The coronation of the Congress prince

September 04 2011

The Congress Rajmata is not keeping well, the Congress itself is on shaky ground, a few lawyer-politicians are steering the party, so a growing directionless party and government is urging the core group of Sonia confidantes to have the coronation of the prince in order to give the party a new lease of life. The auspicious time for the same may be October, and just before that Dr Manmohan Singh may also officially become unwell and spell out his inability to take care of his office. But the biggest hurdle in the entire process is coming from Sharad Pawar and old Karunanidhi, who are unsure about taking orders from a young Rahul. But this is the Congress readers, there is a remedy for every problem, the antidote is here itself, and this message has been given to Pawar and Karunanidhi. Mamata didi already agrees to it.

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