Tandon springs like a surprise

May 05 2010

If you have not forgotten the Ashok Tandon of Vajpayee era, then he
has become the media adviser of the newly-elected BJP president Nitin
Gadkari. Tandon was once posted as the diplomatic editor of an Indian
news agency in London. Then he became the media adviser of Vajpayee.
On leaving that he became the director of Makhanlal Chaturvedi
Institute. At present he stays in Gurgaon adjoining Delhi. In the last
10 years no one has seen him coming or going out of BJP, then how come
such a sudden rise for him …  after all whose hand is behind all this?
The party people are also angry with Gadkari because they want to know
how could he appoint such a person as his adviser whom the new
generation of journalists can not even identify.

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