Kalyug’s Gandhi

October 23 2013

High voltage drama erupted at the prestigious India International Centre a few days ago. Congress Parliamentarian Dr Karan Singh’s close associate Kishore Gandhi tried to get personal with a lady at its main gate. It is said that this Gandhi of Kalyug was drunk. When video footage of the main gate was gone through, Gandhi was seen to be misbehaving with the lady. After this, he was banned from the main gate of IIC. It is worth mentioning here that Gandhi is close to several Congress politicians including Meira Kumar. A few days later when a retired army general hosted a party at IIC, he also invited Gandhi for the same. When Gandhi reached there for the party, IIC officials present there refused to serve him anything. When the general found out about it, he showed Gandhi the door with great difficulty. Only then did the party resume peacefully.

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