The BJP in Karnataka in trouble

November 13 2011

Shriramlu, close to the Reddy brothers of Bellary has changed tact. His supporters have started to clear BJP banners and posters in the Bellary area, which means the BJP camp from the area may be uprooted. Yeddyurappa is also back from jail and claims that he still has the support of 70 Assembly members and that he can make the state’s BJP eat dirt anytime he wants to. But before this, Shriramlu is in talks with Devegowda about the formation of a new party in the state. It is believed that the idea is agreeable to Yeddyurappa, too. Understanding what the clouds of worries predicted, Gadkari spoke to Shriramlu who replied asking which party doesn’t have people who deal with mining? Doesn’t the Congress have such people? But parties such as the Congress always try to protect their people, whereas BJP disrobes its own. Seeing Shriramlu’s aggressive stance, Gadkari decided to shut up.

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