And this is how Kamal tamed Maya

December 20 2012

A master of the craft of politics, Kamal Nath didn’t disappoint Sonia Gandhi in her expectations of him. He was chosen as the Parliamentary Affairs Minister over Pavan Bansal only because Sonia and her strategists knew that there might be trouble with numbers when it came to voting on foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Parliament. But Kamal Nath reigned in BSP supremo Mayavati. When debate was on in full swing in Lok Sabha, Kamal Nath reached the PM’s chambers with Mayavati. Sources reveal that the important meeting was also attended by Satish Mishra and it went the way it had to. After the meeting, Mayavati was seen exiting the room with a smile, and the result of the meeting was that the BSP got space for its office in Lutyen’s Delhi immediately. For both the PM and Sonia, FDI had become a matter of prestige and Kamal Nath didn’t let their trust dwindle in him.

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