Justice in prison

November 18 2013

Those who stand for upholding law and clean image in public life are in the shadow of suspicion themselves. An intern from the north-east has alleged sexual molestation at the hands of a recently-retired Supreme Court judge has made some shocking revelations in her confession on a blog, and revealed the pretext under which Mr Judge made advances on her on the night of December 24. And she is not the only one to have gone through it – her friends and acquaintances have faced similar instances in the past. The most significant thing is that several women journalists covering the court-beat have gone through these bad experiences, too. But none of them dared to speak out against it. Another serious revelation that has come to light is that several senior advocated have also preyed on women, apart from the judges, and who eye their juniors or interns. Now the question is where these polluted winds came from; it is believed that they started in Himachal and reached as far as the Bay of Bengal.

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