And in the end

November 21 2009

Advani is so eager to play the last decisive innings of his political career that he intends to tour India during his awareness campaign. But there is no one in the party to support this plan of his. So, one day Advani called up Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh and said `arrange my meeting in your State’. Raman Singh informed Ram Lal about this and Ram Lal got the word spread in BJP that meetings are decided by the organisation and not the Chief Minister. So in the end Raman Singh had to call up Advani and inform him that `Sir, no one is willing to have your meeting’. As a result the awareness campaign got cancelled. As a result, despite Advani very eager about it, the awareness campaign could not get off the ground because in BJP at the moment the need is not for a public awareness campaign by a self awareness.

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