The fear of Oscar

September 05 2010

The future of Educational Tribunal Bill appears to be bleak. An entire educational lobby of parliamentarians from the south and Maharashtra are against the bill because the bill may put an end to private institutions having a free hand and uncontrolled capitation fees. The bill also has a suggestion to have a regulator appointed for the same. On the other hand, those who play a part in politics in the Hindi speaking regions of India, such as Lalu and Mulayam, are supporting the bill with gusto. Despite having passed in the Lok Sabha, the bill couldn’t make is past the Rajya Sabha where Congress supported alliance still has a majority. This bill by Sibal has come to the Parliamentary committee headed by Oscar Fernandes. On the 21st, Oscar returned the bill to Sibal with remarks against it. But Sibal placed the bill to the house without any changes on the 25th. But before this, Oscar and half-a-dozen of his loyal parliamentarians had made the rounds telling all that no one should pay heed to the bill. It is heard that one industrialist from Jalandhar, who was a sweet shop owner there and is now a part of the education mafia, has already convinced the BJP president against it, and so the bill fell on its face in the Rajya Sabha.

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