This is how Sonia-Manmohan met

February 27 2011

A lot has been said about the relations between 10, Racecourse, and 7, Janpath, becoming strained. But one could see the ice thawing a little bit at Sonia-confidante Suman Dubey’s son’s wedding reception. Dubey’s son works at a good post in a multi-national bank and fell in love with a Malyali journalist. The girl’s father Gopal Surbamaniam has been an additional secretary in the PMO and is favoured by the PM too. The wedding was held in Kerala but the wedding reception was held at the Air Force ground in Dhaula Kuan. The best part was that at the event, Sonia was present with her entire cavalcade from the groom’s side and Manmohan Singh was there with the PMO on the daughter’s behalf. They got talking and better conversation at the event and surely followed.

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